Log - Dragomer, 11. in 12. maj 2013

Sports Climbing Club Korenjak

The Sports Climbing Club Korenjak, officially founded in 2001, is a group of enthusiasts (climbers, instructors, assistants) dedicated to the joys of sport climbing, who have a decade long tradition in the area of educating and training young sport climbers. The club has succeeded in bringing up many young talents who have already managed to win a considerable number of medals and titles throughout the country, the most significant being the Slovene Bouldering Champion 2008.

The club prides itself even with the edition of Climbing as a game (Plezanje kot igra), a book providing guidelines for the first steps in both climbing and bouldering. Enclosed is a DVD with Natalija Gros, one of the ex top women climbers. With the substantial support of the local community as well as numerous sponsors and the parents of the children themselves, the Sports Climbing Club Korenjak already hosted the National Bouldering Cups in 2009 and 2010 as well as World Bouldering Cup in 2011 and 2012.

Having a brand new and also the biggest out-door climbing wall in Slovenia, located at Log - Dragomer (10 min from the centre of Ljubljana), the Sports Climbing Club Korenjak provides a welcome opportunity to host a variety of versatile climbing competitions, even on an international level.